What can we really do in 11 years?

There isn’t much hope left. And it makes sense. The polar caps keep melting, we (as the human race) keep ignoring it. Because at the same time, democracy and journalism are dying, inequality keeps rising and and the political turmoil keeps taking our attention away from the existentially important.

And yet! And yet we need to hope. For it is the only force in the Universe to help us reverse these trends and start some better ones. So Changemakers Summit 2020 is going to be focused on finding reasons to be hopeful and finding people who are so inspired, that you cannot help yourself becoming more hopeful as well. But we’ll combine the hope with action and impact. Actually, we feel that action with impact is what gives the most hope anyway, so it makes sense to talk about them at the same event.


Changemakers keep meeting in Tartu.

Inspiring speakers

People have the power to give us hope.

The best practices

We'll see the best that's out there, so we can do better as well.

A community of hope

The only way to make things happen, is together.

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Our mission

To bring together changemakers, inspire them to act and help them to become the best versions of themselves.

About us

We work at the non-profit Domus Dorpatensis Foundation in the old town of Tartu.