For students

You would like to have a positive impact on the world, but you don’t know where to start or what to do about it? Then come the Summit and dive into the world of changemakers!



You’ll learn from the best practices around the world. Our speakers come from around the world to inspire, share their experiences and introduce new ways of making things better in the world.

  • Develop yourself

Changing the world starts with becoming a better version of yourself. At the Summit you’ll get to train different skills and practice them with others.


At the Summit you’ll get to meet other changemakers with whom to start new projects, share your experiences and learn from each-other.


The main program

This includes all the sessions, speakers and trainings on the agenda. Here, students, changemakers and NGO leaders participate together.

The price includes access to the sessions, panels, trainings and workshops. Also, to all the meals and materials.

The main program
+ the Basecamp

Basecamp is meant for those participants who've never been to the Summit or to other events or trainings like this. In the Basecamp you start the Summit with some introductory sessions meant for young people who are just starting their changemaking.

The price is the same and includes all the same things as the main program + the Basecamp sessions. But you have to apply separately to the Basecamp.

Our mission

To bring together changemakers, inspire them to act and help them to become the best versions of themselves.

About us

We work at the non-profit Domus Dorpatensis Foundation in the old town of Tartu.